How to Not Be Lazy in School & Become Effective in Studying

We all have our down and up times when we just want to sleep rather than study. If you’re at that point right now, you’re not alone, but we suggest getting out as soon as possible. Laziness in studying and doing homework can result from many things that may or may not be your fault. If you desperately want to know how to stop being lazy in school, keep reading as we give you helpful tips and provide you useful link to professional service which can help resolve all your academical problems:

Reasons for laziness in studying: why am I so lazy to study or do homework?

Is laziness without cause, or is there a reason why you’re too lazy to study or do homework? Since nothing in life happens without a cause, it is safe to assume that there’s a reason why you’re lazy in school. But, these are not just assumptions; these five reasons we’re about to list have been found to be the cause of laziness in students.

  • Not enough sleep: if you’re always staying up late when you should be sleeping, that’s probably why you’re too lazy to do homework. Solution? Break away from your gadgets or whatever is depriving you of a good night’s sleep; you’ll start seeing improvements.
  • Lack of motivation: the reason behind your laziness in doing homework could also be because you’re unmotivated to study or do homework. To solve the problem, find a way to motivate yourself to work; that could mean working with your colleagues. You can also go to the library where you’ll see other students studying and doing homework.
  • Lack of sense of urgency: students procrastinate or are lazy to do homework because the deadline still seems far away.
  • Fear: another credible reason is that you’re afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You’re not sure you can do it, and you’re not disposed to finding out, hence the laziness.

Helpful tips on how to overcome laziness while studying

If you have the typical lazy syndrome in studying and want to do better, you can. Thankfully, there are things you can do to stop being lazy in studying. That said, below are our five professional tips on how to study when you don’t want to.

  1. Study comfortably

Sometimes, you lack the motivation to study because you’re not letting yourself enjoy the process. Study time can be a time you look forward to if you go about it the right way. When studying, ensure you’re in a comfortable environment, but not too comfortable, of course. Studying while lying down on your soft, comfy bed is tantamount to you, inviting laziness – and sleep.

  1. Break it down

Quit trying to do all the assignments at once and setting unrealistic study targets for yourself. When the goals are too high, you’ll be unable to meet them; gradually, you lose the motivation to study. Instead, consider breaking down your tasks into smaller ones and taking them into one small section at a time. You’ll achieve bigger goals faster, and the task will be easier.

  1. Have a workable study schedule

As cliché as this may sound, we still need to say it; an excellent way to overcome laziness is to create a practical study plan. Before creating the timetable, know your capabilities and strength to ensure it doesn’t end up on your shelf. Dedicate more time to complex subjects and less to those you find easy to do.

  1. Remove distractions

Distractions are some of the major driving forces of laziness while studying. The distractions could include your phone, video game console, or even friends and family members. So put your phone away, turn off the TV, seek privacy from your family or roommates, and rule out every form of distraction.

  1. Consider the consequences

Sometimes, considering what will happen if you don’t study is the wake-up call you need to start studying. If you’ve done everything to motivate yourself to study and nothing works, maybe the fear factor will. The consequences include poor grades, failure, and repeating the year or subject for another semester, among others.


We’ve given you tips on how to not be lazy in school, and we hope you’ll follow them religiously. If you want to excel in your chosen career path, then you know laziness is a no-no. If nothing works, you can see a counselor for help; sometimes, tackling laziness in school goes beyond following tips.

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