PrimalSec Podcast Episode 2 for September 17, 2013.  This month’s podcast is hosted by Andrew, Luke, and Matt.


PrimalSec will be attending Hacker Halted in Altanta George and participating in Global CyberLympics September 18th-21st –

PrimalSec will be attending DerbyCon 2013 in Louisville Kentucky on September 25-29th –

Podcast Highlights:

This month PrimalSec wrote several tools in preparation for upcoming Cyber Competitions.  We covered these tools in our blog posts (, Flytrap.exe, Gumdrop.exe) and we also quickly touch on a Ruby course we took this month “Ruby for Security Professionals” by  In addition, we made a post on Cuckoo Sandbox with some reverse engineering concepts using IDA Pro, and a post going over Tor:

CTF Scripts and PyInstaller (.py > .exe)

Gumdrop.exe — Quick Windows Recon

I’m Cuckoo for Malware – with a spice of Reverse Engineering

Anonymity Online pt2 – TOR

News Items and Interesting Reads:

# Information on several targeted attack campaigns were released:

# SEA Hacks Twitter to get into NY Times

# India Hacks Pakistan, then Pakistan Cyber Army retaliates

# Firefox 0-day/Exploit:

Black Hat 2013:

# Tools:
SET v5.3:


Nmap 6.40:

Tortilla – Released at Black Hat

# Other Interesting Reads: