Getting Started with Python


This month’s podcast is hosted by Andrew, Luke, and Lane.


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Getting Started with Python:

  • Most are afraid to start because they are not “programmer” they didn’t take comp sci programming is hard.
  • Given python a chance its a lot easier than you might.
  • Here are some good resources (Our Python Tutorials, Violent Python (Book), Cybrary Python Content, Blackhat Python (Book), Python for Pentesters by, Udemey, code academy, PyMOTW, etc.)
  • You need to give yourself a project – start simple and build up. Consider parsing a log file then moving to something more complex.
  • You need to practice its kinda like learning a instrument.
  • Teach people after you learn it – you learn the content at a deeper level.
  • How has it helped our careers:
  • Better troubleshooting skills.
    • Automate tasks so you can focus on other problems.
    • Helps with exploitation and understanding vulnerabilities at a deeper level.
    • You can generally understand other languages.
    • Lots of time I find myself with output form one tool that needs to go to another.
    • Opens doors for new opportunities.