~# python
>>> import urllib
>>> from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
>>> url = urllib.urlopen("http://www.primalsecurity.net")
>>> output = BeautifulSoup(url.read(), 'lxml')
>>> output.title
<title>Primal Security Podcast</title>

This tutorial series is designed for those who don’t come from a programming background.  Each tutorial will cover common use cases for Python scripting geared for InfoSec professionals.  From “Hello World” to custom Python malware, and exploits:

0x0 – Getting Started

0x0 – Getting Started Pt.2

0×1 – Port Scanner

0x2 – Reverse Shell

0x3 – Fuzzer

0x4 – Python to EXE

0x5 – Web Requests

0x6 – Spidering

0x7 – Web Scanning and Exploitation

0x8 – Whois Automation

0x9 – Command Automation

0xA – Python for Metasploit Automation

0xB – Pseudo-Terminal

0xC – Python Malware

Use Case: CVE-2014-6271

Use Case: CVE-2012-1823

Use Case: CVE-2012-3152

Use Case: CVE-2014-3704