Quick summary of news items we found interesting this week:

Overview of August Data Breaches

@th3j35t3r does the Ice Bucket challenge

A facebook automated profile and reconnaissance system written in Python

Abusing Microsoft Kerberos: Sorry you guys don’t get it

Data breach in South Korea hits 27 million – half the population

Hacking Gmail app

Hacking Traffic Lights

How Cops and Hackers Could Abuse California’s New Phone Kill-Switch Law

New Chrome fixes 50 security issues, bug hunter gets $30k

Pulling the Curtain on Airport Security

R7-2014-12: More Amplification Vulnerabilities in NTP Allow Even More DRDoS Attacks

Secret Service Warns 1,000 Businesses Hit by Backoff PoS Malware

Sony PlayStation Network Taken Down by DDoS

Malvertising on Java.com – Just when you thought Java couldn’t get more vulnerable

Chinese backdoor in Netcore/Netis Routers