We will be presenting at BSides CHARM on “InfoSec Hunters and Gatherers”

We are currently working on a web application pentesting book with No Starch Press

Doing a course review on ElearnSecurity’s Pentesting course (PTSv3)

Pwn2Own 2015 held on March 18th and 19th enumerated exploitable flaws in all major browsers and client-side applications

Researcher finds how to delete any YouTube video

Researcher finds he could delete any Facebook photo

Prisoner escapes jail via email + social engineering

Credit Card Breach at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

Point-of-Sale Vendor NEXTEP Credit Card Breach

Premera Blue Cross data breach impacting 11 million members

Amazon’s Twitch game-streaming service was hacked and users were forced to change their passwords

CSRF Vuln With Hilton Hotel Member Accounts (Compromises Users Personal Info)

Natural Grocers investigating card breach